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About Me

I was born at the end of the 1970's to a mother who believed in healthy eating. This was definitely not in fashion back then, and I was raised in what I liked to call a "culinary- deprived childhood." I would go to my friends' homes mainly in search of candy and meat. At home, "candy" was carob chocolate or dried pineapple. I would come to school with a sandwich of dense, whole-wheat bread and avocado (which would have turned brown by the 10:00 break), looking desperately to swap with someone who had white pita with chocolate.

Along with an increased health consciousness around the world, and with the growing variety of healthy raw materials that have come onto the market over the years, I made it my goal to show people that eating healthy is not necessarily a culinary sacrifice and that it is possible to eat healthy without compromising on flavor.

I studied healthy cooking in the chefs’ training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. The Institute introduced me to the endless possibilities offered by a healthy kitchen.

Ever since my time in New York I have been doing everything I can to "spread the word": I consult, give cooking classes, lecture, appear on Israel Television with my healthy cooking recipes, and I write a weekly column for one of Israel's most popular internet sites.

About My Writing

Simply Healthy is my fifth cookbook. Three of my cookbooks were co-authored with some of Israel’s finest chefs as part of the 3 seasons of the television program “Recipe Success.” My fourth cookbook is called Smoothies, Smoothies and More Smoothies.

I consider Simply Healthy to be my cookbook premiere
because it most fully reflects my complete beliefs.

Healthy Cooking by Leah Shomron

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