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“A book that will please anyone who supports health and who wants to enrich their kitchen with simple, creative recipes".  (Gila Segel, Food Journey)

“A wise book that is very useful". (Pnay Plus)

“We would like to hope that more people will discover what we discovered: good, healthy recipes are truly right below our noses--you just have to look for them in the right place". (Mako Media)

“This is one of the most user-friendly books in the health genre . . .  A family who wants to easily move toward more healthy nutrition, as well as health-conscious people in search of new ideas . . . can receive good ideas and improve".

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Simply healthy

Simply Healthy cookbook Simply Healthy was published in March 2013 and was on the Israeli best sellers list for 14 weeks running; it has received excellent reviews and has won much acclaim. Within days of hitting the bookstores, Simply Healthy had a Facebook fan page, and hundreds of followers are continuing to actively discuss their successful cooking experiences.

Simply Healthy is a cookbook that simplifies healthy cooking through an innovative MIX & MATCH method that is smart and simple.

The Mix & Match method helps the reader get organized in advance, so they have, in the fridge or pantry, the precise ingredients (already prepared) to create a variety of tasty dishes, snacks, soups and kids meals—quickly and with little effort.

The book consists of five Mix & Match chapters; each chapter contains a double spread of the fundamental elements to be prepared in advance. These need to be grilled, cooked, blanched, steamed, or roasted, and they come with easy to follow instructions. Once done, ingredients can be boxed, refrigerated, or stored so they are available for inclusion in any one of the recipes in the ensuing chapter.


Simply Healthy At a Glance

 Five Mix & Match chapters.
 A chapter about establishing a healthy pantry.
 A “healthy & improved” chapter for healthy versions of traditional recipes.
 A healthy sweets chapter, which includes smoothies and shakes.
 Recipes for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten- or lactose-free diets, each with its own icon.
 A suitable cookbook for anyone looking to make their favorite recipes healthier
     from beginners toexperienced cooks.

Healthy Cooking by Leah Shomron

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